Small Animal Shockwave Therapy

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Muskuloskeletal Therapies for Animals offers a shockwave therapy product designed for veterinary practitioners.  The PiezoWave Vet extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) unit provides focused shockwave therapy for large and small animals.

This non-invasive treatment is a true focused EWST unit that offers less noise and patient discomfort while providing superior treatment control.

Unlike other shockwave therapy devices, the PiezoWave Vet does not require sedation.

Advantages of our Shockwave Therapy for Animals Solution

  • Less noise – Does not startle patients or distract others in your clinic

  • Less patient discomfort

  • Little or no sedation required

  • Lower cost – No therapy heads to constantly replace

  • Precise localization of irregular or damaged tissue.

  • Biofeedback – The ability to “flare” an area and identify where the therapy will provide the greatest amount of benefit.

More Control

True focused shockwave delivers a clearly defined depth of penetration where you need it without scattering energy. Provides for precise localization of trigger points. Energy levels can be adjusted from .1 to 20 and depth of penetration is easily and quickly changed using stand-off gel pads.


The geometric arrangement of piezoelectric elements on the inside of the bowl-shaped applicator causes a pressure wave to self-focus towards the focal volume. 


When simultaneously excited by a high-voltage pulse, the piezo-ceramic elements expand briefly along their axis by a few micrometers, creating a pressure wave and subsequent an acoustic wave in the focal volume. This results in an extremely precise and well-defined, small focal volume. This direct focus technology (without reflector) is extremely effective, precise, and quiet. The equipment is extremely durable and requires little maintenance.

Indications for ESWT in Small animals

  • Disorganized or delayed healing of fractures

  • Tendonitis

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Malformation of the elbow and hip (dysplasias)

  • Sesamoiditis

  • Chronic back pain

Indications for ESWT in Large Animals 

  • Insertion desmopathy

  • Tendinopathy
    Inflammation of sesamoid bones

  • Calcification

  • Degenerative joint disease

  • Fractures (pseudathrosis), fissures

  • Periostal reactions

  • Back musculature

Brochures and Articles

Piezoelectric generated shockwaves are superior to electrohydraulic devices.

Download article:  Chondrocytes treated with different shock wave devices

The PiezoWave Vet is manufactured by Richard Wolf Medical in Germany, the world leader in shockwave technology for human and animal use.



Product Demonstration

The best way to learn about our products, and how they can enhance your practice, is through a free, no-obligation, demonstration.