Musculoskeletal Therapies for Animals (MTA) specializes in providing veterinary professionals the world’s most advanced technologies to aid in rehabilitation. The Assisi Loop and PiezoWave Vet Shockwave Therapy for Animals, all provide non-invasive, non-pharmacological relief of pain.

MTA has a number of leading veterinary professionals around the country who evaluate every product we sell. if it is not the very best of its type we will not offer it.

We offer our customers the advantage of doing the leg work for them. Over the years, manufacturers have presented products to MTA that we have rejected.  We also will discontinue products and upgrade to newer, more effective products as they become available.

Our products are sold to licensed veterinarians and accredited veterinary therapists and technicians only. If you are a pet or horse owner, interested in one of our products, please have your animal health care professional contact us.

Pain Trace Vet

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Many animals mask pain instinctually. PainTrace ® communicates the presence of pain, or degree of wellness, providing a valuable tool for diagnosis and confirmation of the degree of pain.


Assisi Loop

The Assisi tPEMF “Loop” – Safe, Effective Pain-Management for Animals


Shockwave Therapy for Animals

Shockwave therapy product designed for veterinary practitioners.

Equine Shockwave Therapy

PiezoWave Vet is modern, focused, high-energy equine shockwave therapy at a fraction of the cost.