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Helping the Hands That Heal – Almost daily, I hear about how one of our products has helped an animal enjoy a better quality of life or the joy an owner feels when their best friend has been relieved of pain, and in some cases, had their life extended. There is nothing more rewarding than helping animal health professionals to do their job better. Helping thousands of animals to live longer and happier gives me a tremendous source of pride and purpose.

Quality, Value, and Service My philosophy is simple. I would rather explain why something costs more today than to try to explain why it is not performing to expectations in the future. Many of my products are not the cheapest. In fact, often they are premium priced, but they offer my customers the most value. There are competitive products on the market that my conscious would not let me sell.

As the leading supplier of noninvasive therapies for veterinarians and animal therapists, I am committed to providing only quality, tested products that will help you treat the animals in your care. I hope MTA is the first call you make when starting or adding to your veterinary rehabilitation and pain management practice.