Innovative Technologies for Animal Rehabilitation and Non - Invasive Pain Management

Technologies to Aid in Rehabilitation
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My 45 years of experience in the marketing and sales of veterinary medical products empowers me with a unique perspective and ability to recognize emerging trends.

Over a decade ago I founded MTA when I saw what was transpiring in human medicine and predicted that animal health would follow suit. At first, considered to be alternative medicine, rehabilitation is now the fastest growing specialty in veterinary medicine and is being embraced by all types of practices from holistic to veterinary specialty and surgical centers.

Linking Practitioners and Manufacturers Through Relationships – The mission to MTA is find the very best noninvasive treatment products, products that are tested, proven, and made by companies who demand quality and provide excellent customer service. As a result, customers have grown to trust my recommendations and rely on me not to just sell them another piece of equipment but to find them the right products to fulfill the needs of their practice, clients, and most importantly, their patients.



The Assisi Loop

The Assisi tPEMF “Loop” – Safe, Effective Pain-Management for Animals.


Musculoskeletal Therapies for Animals (MTA) specializes in providing veterinary professionals the world’s most advanced technologies to aid in rehabilitation.

We will be happy to demonstrate any of our products and address all of your questions.

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