Underwater Treadmill

The Oasis from H2O For Fitness is the #1 underwater treadmill in America

Oasis Underwater TreadmillThe Oasis underwater treadmill aids rehabilitation through hydrotherapy where the natural buoyancy of water assists in a low impact work out. This is especially important to help patients get a head start on exercise after surgery. The Oasis underwater treadmill can also be used for fitness training and weight control.

Ideally suited for dogs and other small animals, the Oasis features an adjustable water temperature and water level. The “jets” options allows you to increase or decrease the resistance in a work out session.

The Oasis underwater treadmill is designed for veterinarians and animal therapists who wish to add hydrotherapy to their range of services.  Comes pre-assembled, with a quick ‘plug and play’ install. The exercise chamber can easily be rolled through a standard doorway, making changes in location an easy move.


  • Smart look and simple design
  • Easy to use touch screen
  • An ‘easy lift’ treadmill, that makes cleaning underneath easy
  • Long lasting powder coated frame

Product information

Download the product flyer for the Oasis Underwater Treadmill.

Request a demo and learn how the Oasis Underwater Treadmill can enhance your line of veterinary services.


These videos demonstrate the Oasis Underwater Treadmill.

Product specs

Electrical requirements:
220V AC, 60 Hz, 50 Amps, single phase.Plumbing requirements:
Cold water inlet and a floor drain no less than 2 inches.Exercise chamber specifications (inside):

  • Length: 78”
  • Width: 32”
  • Height: 32” over walking surface
  • Area available for exercising: 20” X 65”
  • Drive motor: 2 HP variable speed, AC
  • Speed Range: 0.5 MPH to 5 MPH
  • Recirculation system includes recirculation pump, 400 gallon storage tank, water heater, filter and hair strainer.
  • Storage tank dimensions: 62” long X 29” wide X 65” high
  • Exercise chamber capacity: 380 gallons
  • Weight of exercise chamber with water: approx. 3400 pounds (at 300 gallons)
  • Also available with ‘Jets’ options for increased resistance.


The Oasis Underwater Treadmill is manufactured in Indiana, USA by H2O for Fitness, LLC.